In 2017, the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) began training the peace workers and staff of the Taghyeer Palestinian Nonviolence Movement in the principles and practices of this life-changing program. The AVP training workshops were conducted in Bethlehem, beginning with  the Basic and Advanced workshops. There were approximately 20 participants in the workshops. The workshops were well-received and have continued each year since then. In subsequent years. The Training for Facilitators/Trainers workshop was incorporated in the workshop series for the participants.

As of 2017, the Alternatives to Violence Project-Palestine was formed and approved as an NGO with the Palestinian Authority. As such, the Board of Directors decided to invite Taghyeer to become a partner organization with AVP-Palestine as part of a network of AVP-trained organizations that will provide AVP workshops in a variety of districts in the West Bank and Gaza. 

The relationship with Taghyeer and its peace activists has been cooperative and constructive. This confirms to the Board of Directors of AVP-Palestine a belief in the rightness of the relationship and inspires all involved to continue serving the good people of Palestine as they seek nonviolence as the only path to peace and justice in Palestine

This project is anticipated to carry on in June 2020 where the Alternative to Violence team will be training Taghyeer activists and offering their advanced Nonviolent Resistance workshop.