From the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea and across the world.  Palestinians from all walks of life, in every city, village and refugee camp; with all people who believe in human dignity — we stand united in the quest for our rights and freedom. 

In this painful political reality and the continuation of the suffering of our people, we have all been robbed of any hope for a peaceful solution. Walls, checkpoints, settlements, segregated roads and invasive security measures are implemented at the expense of Palestinian identity and fundamental legal rights.  

We can no longer accept this reality and our collective decision is to adopt nonviolence as a unifying identity for the Palestinian people. We commit to the principles of nonviolent resistance as the means to accomplish two very important objectives: 1) To end the Israeli military occupation and provide security for all and; 2) To develop a sustainable social system with democratic, independent, responsible governance.

The ongoing injustices we experience have yet to be resolved or healed. And, we know that nonviolence cannot erase our pain and anger. Instead, we channel them into positive actions that serve the common good. We have a lot of anger at our disposal, but we refuse to hate anyone. We withdraw our cooperation from the paradigm of hate. We stand united with our nonviolent identity, committed to end injustice and overcome the legacy of unilateral actions.

We are aware of this path’s challenges and yet, we readily undertake it. We steadfastly believe nonviolence is the only effective and moral path to achieve our goals. Nonviolent resistance to unjust behaviors can harness the power and participation of the Palestinian people. Our actions that meet human needs cultivate an environment where solutions are possible. We know this path is painful and requires courageous action from civil society and from political leadership.

Anyone, anywhere, who shares our values and acts on them will be considered our partner. We urge everyone to be pro-solution.

From the depths of our hearts, we know the past is full of unforgettable pain, yet we choose to transcend victimhood for the sake of building our future. Our vision is to achieve a peaceful solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict that guarantees our independence, freedom, dignity and a secure life for all. We want to see communities across Palestine, prospering from their own development efforts, our institutions strong and inclusive, and our youth and women fully sharing in leadership. 

We believe pursuing this dream requires practicing our values: integrity, respect, responsibility, organization, commitment, creativity, nonviolent response, and servant leadership.

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