In 2016 when Taghyeer was founded ,37 workshops were implemented in different locations to spread the word of Taghyeer before the big event of Karamah was held.

These workshops were held in : Susia, Twaneh, Yatta, Doora, Beit Ummar, Shuyookh , Al Khader, Beit Kahel, Bethlehem ,Batir, Dar Salah, Jubbet Ad Dheeb,Al Ubedeye, Jericho, Nablus, Ezbet Altabeeb, Qalqilya, Ramallah, Al Ram, Beit sahour, Beni Neim, Beit Oolah, Jayous,Dheisheh Camp, Al Fawwar Camp, Al Aroub Camp, Seiir and Al Karmel.

Bethlehem – The History of Non-Violence Resistance and the Definition of Citizenship

Prof. Manuel Hassassian and Dr. Mubarak Awad delivered an extensive workshop with 38 Taghyeer’s activists who came from different areas…