Neda’ Kharraz

“I am originally from Nablus. I want to start by telling you a little bit about my journey in life. I have finished University with a BA in Social Work and directly continued studying to get a Diploma in Empowerment of Women.

For the past years, I have worked in several places. At first,I worked as the secretary of the Defense of Family Association. After that I joined the Palestinian Football Association and became a member and a leader there.

Adding to that, I was previously a coordinator of the Women’s Department in the General Federation of Trade Unions and just recently I have been chosen to become the first elected woman in the administrative body of the General Trade Union of Transportation workers .

I have met Taghyeer through participating in a workshop that was held in Nablus and since then I have become an activist and volunteer in Taghyeer.

I  fully adopt Taghyeer’s vision and mission and think that through these principles we can make the Change we are all seeking for. I consider Taghyeer as my Palestinian National Identity that I am proud of.”

Noor Khallaf

“It was Monday 16.1.2017 when I first met Taghyeer in an Introductory meeting that was held in coordination with the Future Youth Arms Forum in Doora.

What we heard that day was similar to all the things we think and believe in. We always thought that our role as youths is very important to make the positive change we aim for.We believe that nonviolent resistance could achieve our aspiration which is to live freely in peace.

It was my first experience as an activist to participate in many activities implemented by Taghyeer. The first and most important one was the Karama Event in Jericho where hundreds of people attended and showed big interest in Taghyeer and its work on the ground. The activities that were done supported the marginalized communities such as Jub al Deib‘s Village, Twaneh and many more.”

Samiha Al Hureini

“I am 21 years old. I am a third year student of English Literature at the University of Hebron.

I am one of the activists of the Youth of Sumoud Forum in the village of Twaneh.

I heard about Taghyeer through the activities and workshops that were implemented in the South that aimed to adopt Nonviolent resistance as a national identity .

Participating in many activities made me believe in the principles of Taghyeer to take full responsibility to spread the word to the world.

I am also part of Taghyeer’s Women Group in the South . I have participated in many training courses given by Taghyeer’s team which strengthened my leadership skills . 

I think this movement is the umbrella of Nonviolent resistance in the entire area which makes it special.

I also think that women can always make a positive change in the community through strengthening the women’s role and adopting the vision of Taghyeer.

The reason behind the success of Taghyeer’s movement  is that they have managed to strengthen the role of Women and Youth in the communities they work with. 

Last but not Least, I like to say that we could all work on making positive changes starting from ourselves and reaching the whole world.”

Saleh Masaeed

“I have a BA in banking Science and graduated from the American University in Jenin.

I am a community activist in many organizations.

I am also a trainer of Life and leadership skills. I have been a trainer for the Central Election committee for quite some time now.

I consider myself as Taghyeer’s coordinator in Jericho and the Jordan Valley.

I have known Taghyeer since it was founded and I have seen all the positive changes that happened to the marginalized communities this movement worked with. I have participated in the Karama Event which was the first practical activity implemented on the ground. Thousands of people attended and showed interest in volunteering for Taghyeer .

I truly believe in Taghyeer’s vision and mission which will enable us to live in dignity and pride.”

Fadia Al Wahsh

“ I am the head of Jub Al Deib’s Women Council  and also a community activist in Taghyeer. My colleagues and I work on strengthening the resistance of the people in Jub Al Deib by providing the basic and essential needs of the residents .

 I first met Taghyeer when the team came to visit us and showed huge interest in supporting us by implementing many workshops to determine the challenges and obstacles the community encountered. 

Taghyeer ‘s movement considers  Jub Al Deib as a live model of Nonviolent resistance. 

They started the path of developing the village by cleaning it and painting the walls there which raised our spirits up.

The partnership with Taghyeer is still ongoing and we are working on many projects such as the construction of the guest house and many 

In my opinion, Taghyeer ‘s vision and mission will enable the communities to make the positive changes they were longing for since ages.”

Zahran Al Haddar

“I am Zahran Al Haddar, a 23 year old activist from the town of Yatta. I have a BA in Graphic Design from the Polytechnic University of Hebron.

The first time I met Taghyeer was in the year 2017 when I attended a community meeting that was held in my hometown

I was amazed by the vision, mission and values that this movement adopts and since then I have been a Taghyeer activist and volunteer..

One of the most important workshops I have attended was the one that discussed the alternative methods of resistance rather than violence which  increased my leadership skills.

I believe that if all the communities in Palestine work together on one vision , we will be able to make the positive change we are all longing for.”