Who We Are:

Taghyeer is a non-profit organization that is leading a Palestinian national nonviolence movement


Our Vision: (Where we want to BE)

To achieve a peaceful solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict that guarantees independence, freedom, dignity, and a secure life for all.


Our Mission: (What we DO)

We are a movement that creates social and political change by transcending victimhood and practicing the values of good citizenship with integrity. We embrace nonviolence as a unifying identity for the Palestinian people and adopt it as the means to end the occupation.


Our Values: (How we ACT)

Having Integrity

Trustworthy, honest, keeping our word. Acting in the interest of the movement vs self

Being Respectful

To self and to others in our words and actions

Being Responsible

Taking initiative, being pro-solution, fulfilling my role, doing what we say we will do

Being Organized

In thoughts/actions, having a plan AND implementing it

Being Committed

Staying true to the vision/mission. Focused, responsive

Being Creative

Finding alternative solutions to barriers, Taking initiative, being persistent

Responding Nonviolently

Using peaceful ways, not force, to bring about change